Monday, November 15, 2010

Owen's Singing Debut

Owen has always loved to sing and spends a lot of time singing and demanding that we sing songs with him. So, I've been so looking forward to the day that he would be old enough to go to children's choir at church because I knew how much he would love it....and I was right! He loves choir and now (thank you Lord) has some new songs to sing. This past Sunday the Beginner Choir sang for the first time in the morning worship service. It was incredibly entertaining. We were glorified paparazzi with our video camera and regular camera. Here are a few photos of their performance:

everyone getting lined up and ready to sing

making his arms into a pretzel

looking around...

making an O with his arms (which was not part of the song)

We're so thankful for a great Children's Choir ministry at our church. Owen loves every minute of it!

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