Monday, July 14, 2008

fun at the lake

We headed up to Lake Ouachita this past Thursday night and spent the weekend with friends skiing, tubing, and hanging out on the party barge. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. Owen is such a water baby and he was on his best behavior the whole weekend. We really enjoyed spending the time together as a family. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Several people jumped off the top of the party barge and into the water. Chris did it several times and displayed his unique bellyflopping skills along with his patented cannonball technique seen here:

Owen has become such a good sport about wearing this constricting life vest. He doesn't even fuss anymore when we put it on. He just looks slightly annoyed!

We spent 9 hours on the lake on Saturday and got to enjoy this beautiful view on the way back in to the marina.

Owen and his women. Missy and Josh had been away in Branson all week for vacation and apparently Owen missed them terribly. He talked nonstop to them in a very urgent tone the whole weekend as if he was berating them for leaving him for a week.

Owen is quite the cookie monster and threw the biggest tantrum I've ever seen when I pried one from his grubby little hand. So, he discovered that his mouth would hold an entire cookie and that made a pretty good hiding place! For the grannies in the audience...I'm aware that this is a choking hazard! He didn't keep the cookie in his mouth for too long before I dug it out with a paper towel....which really hacked him off! I just made sure to get a picture of it first!

On Saturday afternoon Owen just laid over in my lap while we were lounging in the water and took a good long nap. I think I held him like this for 45 minutes while he snored!

Owen enjoyed playing with the boat keys

hanging out at the back of the barge

playing with my toys

playing with daddy in the water

driving the boat with Uncle Josh

relaxing with my aunt Missy

We had a really great weekend on the lake!

On another note, I haven't reported on Owen's 12 month well baby checkup. He weighed 21 lbs 15 oz. and was 30 (almost 31) inches tall. He is only in the 10-20th percentile for weight (which sort of concerned and puzzled us) and had actually lost a little weight since his last visit. Dr. Albin said that it's normal for babies to lose a little weight as they transition from baby food to table food. Owen is generally a big eater but I guess since he's so active he's burning calories faster than he's taking them in. He's healthy and we think he looks alright so we're gonna be ok with it for now. His height is just over the 50th percentile so he's probably going to be "just average" in the height department like Chris and I. Chris decided that athletically it's better for him to be short and fast than tall and slow! Owen is very muscular and extraordinarily strong. The nurse even commented on his brute strength when we were holding him down for his shots. We've discovered that Owen is lactose intolerant and he's solely on lactose free milk and we're restricting his daily dairy intake. The regular whole milk caused him to have terrible diaper rashes and an upset tummy. He's tolerated the lactose free milk so far so we'll keep him on that for the time being.

Owen has a new affinity for the broom and mop and carried them around so much that we got him his own child's version of a broom w/dustpan and a mop. He carries them all over the house and stays busy helping me with the housework. I'm hoping to start training him early to be a good husband when he grows up. I've got to give a shout out to my mother-in-law who trained Chris in proper house cleaning and laundry duties.

Owen's best bud Hudson is turning 1 this weekend so we'll be heading to Dairy Queen on Saturday for his big party. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in Owen's toddler world!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

4th of July

Sorry that this is such a delayed post. I've had the pictures uploaded for over a week but I've been trying to work on rearranging them to put them in order. Apparently, my blogging skills are still lacking so I finally gave up. I've been too busy to work on it as much as I'd like. Just bear with me and hopefully it will all be clear as mud!

We took Owen to the park for the annual 4th of July fireworks show. They have music and food starting at 6 and then the fireworks are at 9ish. We went early for the music and food but cut out before the fireworks. I actually took Owen last year to the fireworks and he slept through the whole thing. Of course, he was less than a month old at the time....I know call DHS...that's such a bad thing to do. Anyway, the weather was great and there was a good crowd and good music when we got there. Owen is quite the social butterfly and he wasted no time scoping out girls and new friends! He loves an audience and he really hammed it up for everyone. Here are a few pictures from our night.

Owen brought some of his new trucks to play with. He really likes this one that his Grandpa Ray got him for his birthday.

Owen took off walking toward the playground at one point so Chris went with him. He walked all the way over there like such a big boy. I thought this was a really cute picture of them together.

The Farmers Bank employees handed out fans to help combat the Southern Arkansas July heat. Owen really loved playing with the fan. He saw other people fanning themselves and started imitating them. At one point he took his fan over to an older man and they took turns fanning each other. He played with this fan for at least a week after the 4th. The kid's got hundreds of toys but he'd rather play with a fan....go figure!

Owen showing off his new fan

action shot!

Here he is playing in his tent. He gets in here at least once a day. We have to check it for contraband every once in awhile. I've found shoes, clothes, phones, cameras, etc. stashed in the tent.

peeking out the window

Owen loves the swings at the park

cruising for chicks.....

found one!

this picture was supposed to be the first one in the post

time to get dressed...Owen loves laundry and putting clothes into baskets and just playing with clothes in general. Today I caught him taking shorts out of his drawer and tossing them into his laundry basket.

breakfast! Chris made blueberry pancakes for us several mornings with blueberries he picked at Jean and James house. They were so delicious!

Nap time! Owen has gotten a little better about taking naps and will go to sleep on his own a lot now. He's still taking two naps a day for 1-2 hours each time. He plays so hard that I can't imagine him eliminating his morning nap any time soon.

He loves eating popsicles with daddy!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!