Monday, October 11, 2010

Owen "John Deere" Green

We went out last weekend to visit Josh and Missy to see their new puppy. While we were there Owen got to check out their tractors. He was in heaven!

After I put my camera up, Josh took Owen for a ride around the yard in the big tractor. Owen got to turn the wheel and had a blast. Missy also took him for a ride on the rhino. Now he's even more convinced that we should move to a farm and have horses and tractors.
Maybe that will be our next move?


Leslie said...

"John Deere Green, on a hot summer night. You know, Billy Bob loves Irene..." Ha! Cute photos.

John Deere Birthday Invitations said...

Isn't he so cute riding in that big truck? He is so cute little boy, maybe he will be like daddy when he grow up.