Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Toddler-Proof Christmas

We finished decorating the house for Christmas today. We definitely had to rethink everything we put out last year since Owen is such a curious toddler.

We decorated with our ornaments a little differently to avoid broken glass and the inevitable ornament hook in the hand.

everything's a little simpler....and a lot higher off the ground!

Our tree sans ornaments....still looks pretty good I think. Owen did go over and pull off one of the ribbons we'll have to keep a close watch on him until he gets bored with it.
We're wrapping presents and putting them in our closet since he would definitely go to town unwrapping them if we put them under the tree now. We've got our Black Friday haul spread out on the floor of the bedroom to be wrapped. I'm off to wrap, wrap, wrap so I can find my bed later!
Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving's one you don't want to miss!

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~Bekah said...

what beautiful Christmas decorations! I love that shade of green! :) I told Josh that this will more than likely be the last year to do all that we usually do for decorations at Christmas. We'll be a little preoccupied! lol... beautiful decor! :)