Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Special Delivery

Owen got a special package in the mail today with lots of fun surprises! Grammy made him a Halloween costume and sent it along with a new ball and a stuffed animal.

He really loved the ball and played with it all night long

and here he is debuting his Halloween costume...I know I'm biased but I think he's the cutest little batman ever! He's not wild about the hat but we're going to work on that.

Now all Chris and I have to do is turn his wagon into the batmobile and he'll be ready!

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~Bekah said...

aww thanks soo much Jen. I wanted to tell ya earlier but we waited to "announce" this till we told our parents saturday. we're really excited and are in prayer for a healthy happy baby! thank u for your prayers, we so need them!! God is soo good and seeing His hands in all this through it all is amazing.... i appreciate u and ur words..
i love the batman costume!! soo cute!